Lirisy Belly Band Holster

Firstly, we like that belly band holsters reviews a US-made holster made from a strong yet comfortable elastic material. This AlphaHolster was primarily made for anyone intending on concealing and carrying their weapon. It can also take on a huge variety of guns, from subcompact to full-size pistols or revolvers.

There are also very simple but effective retention straps for your chosen firearm. They are designed to keep your gun firmly in place until you need to prize free for a quick draw. We do appreciate seeing extra storage straps so you can keep spare magazines safely in place but easily accessed if needed quickly.

Additionally, they have made the holster exclusively for right-handed shooters. So if you are a lefty, best to move on to the next review. You can stretch the holster galco multi-fit black best belly band holster for concealed carry up 42 inches around your hips or your belly. This Bear Armz Tactical has been made with soft neoprene to rest on your skin gently without abrasion.

This Can Galco multi-fit black belly band holster holster is made with five-inch profile military-grade elastic. It will rest comfortably on your skin while holding your pistol firmly in place. There are also two rows of hypoallergenic non-slip Tacti-Grips, to ensure that the holster remains where it should.

Plus, on top of all this, there are even rare earth magnets built into this design to help secure everything properly in position. Another subtle but convenient feature is that they have set in position holster tabs. Here is our final belly band gun holster from UnderTech.

This is the UnderCover Original Version, made for stealthily concealed carry. This belly band holster is comfortable and perfectly suited for those with expanded waistlines. This belly band holster has a maximum expansion size of 54 inches for right-handed marksmen but only 44 inches for left-handed marksmen.

This is a bit of an odd design decision. However, the belt is still an exceptional piece of tactical equipment. It features a waterproof and zippered kaylle belly band holster review pocket to let you carry sensitive electronics or other materials along with your firearm and ammunition.

It also features several additional pockets so you can bring along other gear to your job or expedition. It even comes with an extra tactical flashlight, which increases its value for money. This belly band holster is a superb choice if you happen to be right-handed, both because of its higher maximum size and the included tactical flashlight.