Through Many Installations Of This Technology

Smarter Security has worked with most of the major biometric authentication technologies over the past several years in response to our customer demands for more convenient access control. We have been able to fully integrate several third-party biometric authentication technologies by mounting, or embedding, facial recognition cameras, iris scanners, or fingerprint scanners into the Fastlane optical turnstiles and Door Detective anti-tailgating products.

Through many installations of this technology, we have developed an extensive understanding of the different styles, manufacturers, and types of biometric technologies. And, we can help you to understand which options are best suited to your particular Access Control Identity Verification requirements to ensure you avoid making an expensive mistake.

As illustrated below, the reasons biometrics are necessary for different situations are often left out of biometric discussions. The use of biometrics for criminal investigation or terrorist identification purposes generally makes headlines with the well-documented invasion of “privacy” claims for any camera involved in catching the bad guys.

However, the use of those same biometric devices for simple access control in offices is much less newsworthy and is rarely mentioned. Let’s explore some of those differences in the way biometrics can be used. 1) Biometrics for Access ControlAccess control systems, for persons entering a secure facility, employ biometrics for identity verification only.

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Actual images of the biometric element are never actually stored anywhere during this process without the explicit knowledge and consent of the employee. From that point forward, all subsequent ‘matches’ against this person’s identity are made instantly when the employee walks up to a biometric scanner.

At that point, a new “ones” and “zeros” mathematical template of, for example, their live face or fingerprint is created by the scanner and used to match against the original stored template. To be clear, the biometric templates that are created for access control cannot be used to recreate an actual fingerprint or facial image for comparison against criminal databases.

Unless mandatory background checks are required as a condition of employment, complete images of fingerprints are not actually collected during enrollment for access control purposes. For background checks, it is incumbent upon the employer to advise potential employees of this requirement before collecting the required images, and it is the right of the potential employee to refuse.

Of course, that also prevents them from qualifying for the job. 2) Biometrics for General Identity VerificationAnother growing area of biometric use is in the transportation industry, particularly in airports. The specific requirements vary from country to country but regardless of where it is done, a passenger must confirm their identity, confirm that their identity credentials are valid and belong to them and that their name matches the one on their boarding pass before they can get on a flight.

Increasingly, these crosschecks are being done with the help of biometrics. A great number of pilot biometric trials are being installed in airports throughout the world. One of the largest trials is in Changi Airport in Singapore wherein one terminal a passenger can go from the curb to their seat on the aircraft without ever having to talk to a real live person.